Meeting point of the Catalan culture in the British Columbia

October 1st, 2017

The Casal Català de Vancouver wants to express its disgust and revulsion to the brutal attack of the Spanish police to pacific and defenseless citizens that only wanted to express their democratic right to vote.

A Democracy listen to its citizens, a democracy encourages participation and a democracy protects the right of its citizens to express themselves.

Spain has brutally repress voting, declared illegal a referendum, arrested public officials because to vote is not democratic.

The conclusion is that Spain is neither a democracy nor considers Catalans to be its people.

Therefore, let's welcome the Catalan Republic as new democratic state profoundly committed to Humans Rights and Democracy.

For information of current events (in Catalan)

El Nacional
3/24 (Canal de Notícies de TV3)

The Catalan House - Casal Català- of Vancouver is a non-profit organization that promotes the diffusion of the culture of the Catalan Countries in British Columbia, Canada. The Casal is open to all who love and appreciate our heritage and culture.

Catalan House of Vancouver

Although the main content of this this site is in Catalan language, in this new phase of this website, we'll be adding content in English as much as possible. Our goal is not only act as a meeting poing for Catalans here but also a resource for Canadians who have some interest in our culture and region.

Catalan House of Vancouver



Castanyada/Panellets Workshop

Instead of frightening kids, Catalans celebrate the night of the Hallows eating (not really a surprise). The tradition is to eat roasted chestnuts (castanyes), that was a traditional offering to the dead before Roman times.

In addition of roasting and eating chestnuts, is will be also a workshop to confection panellets, a tasty threat made of almond paste and pine nuts, traditional for the feast of All Saints (Nov 1st).

Come to celebrate with the Casal these traditions next Sunday October 29 at 3832 West 10th Ave, Vancouver read more »

Fall get-together and Catalan independence referendum

Will be at Lower Hume Park (New Westminster) starting at noon.

This get together will have the added bonus of following in real time what is happening in Catalonia. If politics are not discussed in polite company, then we are not polite!. Please bring your opinions and your contribution to the pot-luck. Heated discussions are encourage only limited by good will and a dash of self-deprecating humor. If the YES wins, we will celebrate madly. If it is a NO, then we will need to party to forget our sorrows.

And there will be activities for kids, so you can forget about them while discussing the benefits of an independent Catalonia or the status quo inside the Spanish monarchy. read more »

Spring get-togeher and AGM

Next Sunday June 11 from 12 (noon) we will celebrate spring with a get-together at

Hillcrest Community Center

4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver V5Y 2M4
Multipurpose room 328

Google map:

Everybody is welcomed read more »