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The petition to the House of Commons has surpass the required number of signatures and has been tabled to the house.

Thanks everybody that has signed!


The Casal Català de Vancouver demands the release of the political prisoners

Currently nine persons, most members of the democratically elected Parlament of Catalonia, other leaders of civic organizations are in preventative jail with no bail accused of imaginary crimes. Seven other persons are in exile for the same reasons. Currenly the German, Belgian ans Swiss justice systems have rejected extradition based on the flimsy charges put forward by Spain.

To vote is not crime and to defend the independence of Catalonia by pacific means is not a crime either. 


Please write to them messages of support. You can find the postal addresses at


For information of current events (in Catalan)

El Nacional
3/24 (Canal de Notícies de TV3)

The Catalan House - Casal Català- of Vancouver is a non-profit organization that promotes the diffusion of the culture of the Catalan Countries in British Columbia, Canada. The Casal is open to all who love and appreciate our heritage and culture.

Catalan House of Vancouver

Although the main content of this this site is in Catalan language, in this new phase of this website, we'll be adding content in English as much as possible. Our goal is not only act as a meeting poing for Catalans here but also a resource for Canadians who have some interest in our culture and region.

Catalan House of Vancouver



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Would you like to come and learn to make bunyols with us? Bunyols are a pastry, similar to doughnuts, that is traditionally eaten in Lent. It is fun to make them and even better to eat them!

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Catalan National Day party, and picnic, and fun!

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