Spring party- AGM

Date Sunday May 26, starting at noon.

As it is usual for Catalan parties there will lots of food, but please bring something for the fun of sharing. There also will be activities for children and for adults (yeah, some felt jealous!)

The location is:

2677 Triumph Street

It is the private home of Albert Baqués. There is ample parking in the street. If you get lost please phone Albert at 778-991 5025



AGM first call will be at 1:30pm and second call, if there is no quorum, at 2pm. The oder of business is:

- Approval of last year AGM minutes
- 2018 activities report
- 2018 accounts
- Introduction of candidates to the new board
- Electing the new board
- Notice of date change for next year AGM
- Question and answers


AGM Minutes June 3, 2018: http://www.casalcatala.ca/upload/file/acta-agm-3-juny-2018.pdf
2018 Reports: http://www.casalcatala.ca/upload/file/memoria-2018.pdf
2018 Accounts: http://www.casalcatala.ca/upload/file/situacio-financera_2018.pdf

We hope to see you!