La Torronada!!!

La Torronada will be celebrated at Douglas Park on Sunday December 9 -starting at noon until 3:00 pm.

The address is

Douglas Park Community Centre
801 22nd Avenue West
Vancouver, BC, CA V5Z 1Z8

For a map, click here. There is the parkade for the community center and you can easily access it by public transit from the King Edward Sky Train Station.

As usual the event will include tasting of Torrons and the Caga Tiò, a beloved Catalan tradition where kids hit a log, and the log shits sweets and gifts for them. If you are planning to bring kids please send us a message to so we can feed the Tiò appropriately.

There will also be a Children Choir performance of tradicitional Catalan Christmas Carols. If you are interested to have your kid(s) to participate the rehearsal will be Sunday December 2 from 10am to 11am. The place is 1010 Richards Street, Vancouver . For more information click here

If you think you will come, please RSVP sending a email to Laia (



To cover the expenses we will sell tickets at a cost of $15/adult (older than 12 years old) or $5/adult if you are member of the Casal in good standing. This includes also a lottery ticket for a Christmas gift box (with booze, gluten and sugar ladded items). The concept of this party is a pot-luck so please bring a dish to share!

The Casal membership fees are $25/year for individuals, $45/year for families, $15/year for seniors and students. If for whatever reason you are unable to afford the fee, please talk to any member of the board to waive the fee.

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 The worshop will be at Imma's, so places are limited. If interested please send an email to or We will contact you with the address and buzzer number to access the building

The time is 11:30am and the bunyols that survive the day will be eaten next day, in celebration of Easter




Ready to eat!

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Mones de Pasqüa - The catalan version of the Easter Egg

 Please RVSV to and she will send you the buzzer code to access the place: 

1010 Richard Street


the time is between 3pm and 7pm

Format: Pot luck

For the adventurous, there will be a contest of Mones, with prizes!

No chocolate/sugar lover will be dissapointed 


Looking forward to see you 



First Price


Most Original Price


Group Picture






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Spring party- AGM

Date Sunday May 26, starting at noon.

As it is usual for Catalan parties there will lots of food, but please bring something for the fun of sharing. There also will be activities for children and for adults (yeah, some felt jealous!)

The location is:

2677 Triumph Street

It is the private home of Albert Baqués. There is ample parking in the street. If you get lost please phone Albert at 778-991 5025



AGM first call will be at 1:30pm and second call, if there is no quorum, at 2pm. The oder of business is:

- Approval of last year AGM minutes
- 2018 activities report
- 2018 accounts
- Introduction of candidates to the new board
- Electing the new board
- Notice of date change for next year AGM
- Question and answers


AGM Minutes June 3, 2018:
2018 Reports:
2018 Accounts:

We hope to see you!

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Casal's Jamboree in Salt Spring Island- Now with pictures!

We invite you to the third Catalan (mini) Jamboree at Salt Spring Island on the week of week 10 and August 11, 2019. Feel free to arrive on Friday 9 and stay until Monday 12.

What will we do?
Hang out, chat and eat! Plus free time to do what you want. Some possible activities on the island are:
- Swim in lakes: St. Mary, Cushion are family oriented, Blackburn is clothing optional
- Swim in the sea: Vesubius (cold but tolerable), Beddis beach (very beautiful but the water is really cold!)
- Market on Saturday (very nice but very expensive)
- Hike to Mt. Erskine (vigorous), Mt. Maxwell (more relaxed), Burgoyne Bay (flat and easy), Ruckell Park (plan and different distances).
- Bicycle (the roads are narrow but everyone is used to cyclists except the mainlanders!)
- Artisanal routes

The plan is to have dinner together on Saturday evening. Bring something to share, but there will be salad and BBQed sausages.

Saturday morning there will be a sausage making workshop open to everybody. We will be eating them at dinner time.

How to get there?
By ferry! At the ferry terminal (Tsawwassen) you can reach public transport: Canada Line at Bridgeport, and transfer to bus 620. It can take up to two bicycles, so if you take it, come early to be able to load Move the web for hours.

From Tsawwassen to Salt Spring there are two possible routes:

Tsawassen-Swartz Bay (Vancouver Island) -Fulford Harbor (Salt Spring Island)

At Tsawassen buy a ticket for Salt Spring Via Swartz Bay. Once in Swartz Bay transfer to the boat that goes to Salt Spring (Fulford Harbor).

If you come by car, once in Vancouver Island you have to leave the ferry terminal (Swartz Bay) and at the first exit of the freeway make a U-turn to return to the terminal. It is very well indicated. However, you only have about 20 minutes until the Tsawwassen ferry arrives and the Salt Spring ferry leaves. And in summer normally ferries fill very quickly, so bring a good book to wait for the next ferry to Salt Spring (they leave every two hours).

If you come by foot, once in Salt Spring take the shuttle bus at the exit of the ferry to Ganges. It is the main town in SSI. We will be there waiting for you to pick you up (but please tell us you are coming!).

The island has many ups and downs, but getting around by bike is perfectly possible. From the ferry to the property there are about 25km.

Tsawassen-Long Harbour
At Tsawwassen take a ferry that leads to Salt Spring (Long Harbor). With a couple of exceptions, these ferry stops at other islands, so the entire trip can take up to three hours. If you take this ferry, relax and enjoy the mini cruise. This is the most relaxed option, especially if you are coming by car.

If you come by foot we will pick you up at Long Harbor. The terminal is about 15' by bicycle until the property

If you come by car please share any free places you have. Reservations are absolutely necessary if you come by car, and the sooner you do them better. Reservations can be make with BC Ferries at no extra cost

The Tsawassen-Long Harbour route also accept passenger reservations at no extra cost. If you want to be on the safe side, make reservations.

The address is: 144 Harbourside Place (Salt Spring Island naturally). Check Google maps for maps of the area, the ferries and the property.

What to bring

  • Camping tent.
  • You can also make bivouacs (it's summer!) Note: there are two camping tents available in case you do not have one. First come first server basis
  • Camping mat, sleeping bag
  • Eat to share
  • Good humor
  • Cutlery for lunch, and if you have camping dishes, too.
  • A towel (for advice from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)


  • In summer, the Gulf Islands are very dry, therefore no campfires.
  • The smokers will have a defined far-flung corner to indulge. No cigarette butts on the ground are allowed (yes, the butts can cause fires!)
  • The sun can be very strong, so we advise sun cream and hats
  • In the property there is a pond about 4 meters deep, so watch the kids!
  • There may be mosquitoes not too many, but enough to be annoying. Mosquito repellants can be a good idea.
  • In the property and in other parts of the island there are areas with nettles, blackberries and other plants with thorns. Long pants and closed shoes are advisable.
  • With high tide, the property has a little beach with water hot enough to swim (clothing optional) and deep enough for kayak or canoe
  • Being a private property, alcohol is allowed, especially in the form of casa
  • Everyone is expected to be quiet by 11pm. For those who wake up early, we ask them to be quiet until 8am.
  • If you come by car, please try to share any free space you may have
  • The telephone coverage on the island is erratic. So yes, you may be unable to use your phone!!!!
  • We ask everybody to be as environmentally conscious as possible. So try to bring as few single-use stuff as you can, as well as recycle as much as you can.

- There will be water for drinking and water (not potable) to washing (no showers!)
- Pit toilet
- Cooking stoves, some pots and pans
- Refrigerator (only for medications or food for children)
- A couple of camping tents if you do not have one
- A pair of bicycles if you come by foot and want to use them

You do not have to decide today to come (except if you plan to come by car, in this case make the reservations right away), If you come, please send an email to Carles for coordination and if you need a ride to the place from the bus stop or ferry terminal. And if you have questions do not hesitate to do them!

For maps and timetables check Google, and


Beaver Point, Mayne and Pender island on the backlground


Part of the group

Hiking to Mt. Maxwell

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Catalan National Day party, and picnic, and fun!

The Catalan national day is approaching and we will celebrate i next Sunday September 22 at Trout Lake Vancouver. We will meet at noon in the south end of the lake, at the picnic shelter.

There will be noise, heated discussions about taboo topics (like politics and football..) while the kids enjoy activities prepared for them. There will be lots of food and we encourage you to bring something to share potluck style.

Being a public park, alcohoiic drinks are forbidden... sight...

We are looking forward to see you!

The Casal acknoledges this celebration will take place in the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh first nation. We thanks them for their hospitality.

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Castanyada 2019!!

The Casal Català of Vancouver is inviting you to the Castanyada 2018 event that will take place on October 27th in the common room of 1010 Richards Street Vancouver

The schedule will be as follows:

3 pm - Panellets Workshop for everybody. The Casal will contribute the ingredients and the tools to cook them, and you will bring your work and passion.

5 pm - 7 pm - Potluck and Halloween costume contest. The best child and adult costumes win a prize!

Fee members: free
Fee no members: $3 per person - $6 per family

In order to reduce the amount of waste generated by "single use items" please bring your plate, glass and cutlery.

Please do not forget to RSVP by sending us an email no later than October 24th to  vancouver[at], we will reply you with the buzzer code to enter into the buikding . You may also confirm attendance by using the event posted on our Facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Casal Català of Vancouver

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La Torronada- 2019 edition-- With Pictures!

The Christmas Party of the Casal Català of Vancouver, the "Torronada" is here again.!

The activities are scheduled from 12 pm to 4 pm, with lunch, raffle, the performance of the Children´s Choir and the "Caga Tió" among others. You can check the complete program on the Casal Facebook Page or into the invitation email sent back on November 22nd. The lunch format is a potluck; as usual, we are sure you will surprise us with your culinary creations.

If you have little ones and have not confirmed your attendance, please reply to this email today, we want the Tió to be well ready for you all.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.
Looking forward to having you!

The Board of the Catalan Casal of Vancouver


Group picture


The kids having a good time with the Tiò


But fear not, the Tiò is strong and happy and was not harmed in the process.

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