Castanyada 2019!!

Castanyada, and panellets workshop: a sweeter and way less terrifying to welcome All Hallows, Catalan style of course. read more »

Catalan National Day party, and picnic, and fun!

Come to celebrate with us the Catalan National day. Fun for all the family and a very good immersion in Catalan culture! read more »

Casal's Jamboree in Salt Spring Island- Now with pictures!

Come to Salt Spring Island with the Casal and enjoy a week-end of Nature and fun activities, catalan style of course. read more »

Spring party- AGM

Once again: party!, in this case the Spring one together with the Casal's AGM (fear not, the AGM will be kept as short as possible!) read more »

Mones de Pasqüa - The catalan version of the Easter Egg

Traditionally they were round cakes with boiled eggs, nowadays... they are an extravagance of chocolate and other contents not suitable by diabetics, And yes they are very yummy

Now with pictures of the event! read more »


Would you like to come and learn to make bunyols with us? Bunyols are a pastry, similar to doughnuts, that is traditionally eaten in Lent. It is fun to make them and even better to eat them!

Now with pictures! read more »

La Torronada!!!

Come with us to celebrate the festive season with an overdose of sugar (honey based) and almonds (not certified but organic). Gluten-free treats, something rather difficult in Catalan Gastronomy!

Also, for the kids, there will be the Caga Tiò, a delightfully old (really old!) tradition. As an adult you are only allowed to hit the Tiò when nobody is looking. read more »